The Engineers Collaborative, the dust control and industrial ventilation experts.

We Are the Dust Control, Dust Collection, and
Industrial Ventilation Experts

The Engineers Collaborative specializes in industrial ventilation services for dust control, dust containment, and vapor control in the industrial manufacturing process industries. The Engineers Collaborative solves a broad range of dust control, vapor control, and industrial exhaust problems involving active, hygroscopic, fibrous, metallic, organic, inorganic, and toxic dusts and vapors.

We Provide Effective Economical Solutions For Industrial Ventilation, Combustible Dust Collection, and Dust Control Problems

Our goal is to provide effective and economical solutions to help protect your personnel, products, and facilities from exposure to airborne contaminants. It is not our goal to sell you the maximum amount of system metal and hardware. We are not locked into expensive sales catalog "solutions" that don't always fit the problem. We work to find unique solutions that are the "right fit" for your needs and budget.

Consulting & Engineered Designs For Industrial Ventilation, Dust Control, Dust Containment, and Vapor Control

At the Engineers Collaborative, we know that you will find us to be flexible partners in solving your industrial ventilation and industrial exhaust problems. Whether it involves our unique designs or the application of an OEM product available in today's marketplace, the Engineers Collaborative can propose the best solution that fits your production needs without interfering with the process.

The Engineers Collaborative can bring together the necessary talents from your in-house resources, your preferred professional sources, and from OEM suppliers to work with us to solve the your specific industrial exhaust or ventilation problem.

We can even advise on matters such as material handling improvements that may reduce, if not eliminate, the need for local exhaust dust or vapor capture hoods. We work to solve your industrial dust or vapor control problems at a minimum cost to you.

Learn More About The Engineers Collaborative

Whether you need to upgrade an existing dust control or vapor control system with minimum disruption to plant operations or you need a complete new system, contact the Engineers Collaborative today at (215) 300-9563 to find out who we can help to solve your problems cost effectively.



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